Parents of a child with neurodevelopmental delays, emotional problems or learning difficulties require a complex approach to their child’s needs. Consultation can assist parents in increasing their understanding of their child, and learning strategies to parent their children in a consistent and effective manner. Typically, one to eight sessions will suffice.

Dr. Hope is also available to provide consultation services to assist parents in their approach to their child’s school and the larger school system. Parents are helped to advocate for their child, facilitate discussions with the school, and negotiate IEP meetings.

Record reviews—such as previous testing, SAT results, IEP’s, etc.—can assess whether a child’s performance and learning opportunities are optimal, and to reexamine educational and other recommendations, if needed.

Dr. Hope is available to consult with schools regarding test results; IEP development; behavior management needs (including functional behavioral assessment); recommendations for school-based intervention strategies, classroom modifications, and test accommodations; information about, or hallmarks of, learning or neurodevelopmental problems and various diagnostic categories.