Jennifer Hope, Ph.D. – New York State Licensed Psychologist and
Certified School Psychologist in Brooklyn

Psychotherapy & Psychological Evaluations for Children and Adults in Brooklyn, New York

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Is your child
easily distracted,
and restless?

If your kid is having a harder time than others
following instructions or staying focused, it may
be time to get an evaluation. The right interventions
will have a positive effect on his ability to succeed.

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Are you concerned
about your child’s
mood or behavior?

Early warning signs of a psychiatric disorder
should not be ignored. If your youngster is
exhibiting disturbing behaviors (for example,
aggression, suicidality, hallucinations, or severe
mood swings), assessment can assist you in
understanding your child’s condition and
finding the right help.

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Does your child
struggle in school?

Is your child confused about homework? Are
her grades dropping? Is her teacher concerned?
If you recognize these struggles, your child may
have a learning, cognitive or attentional disorder.
An evaluation can help identify strengths and
weaknesses so she can succeed.

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Do you have
a difficult time
holding on to a job
or relationships?

You may be having difficulty in your job or
relationships, or are chronically dissatisfied with
your life and those around you. With motivation
and effort, you can engage in personal growth and
be more successful in your work and personal

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Is a psychological
condition affecting
you at work or school?

Mental illness, learning disabilities, AD/HD, or substance
abuse are only some of the difficulties that can have
negative effects such as poor concentration, problematic
interpersonal skills, poor time management, or coping
deficits, among others. If your inability to manage your
responsibilities is in jeopardy, it may be time to consider
an evaluation and/or psychotherapy.

Brooklyn-based Psychologist, Dr. Hope offers the following Psychotherapy & Psychological Evaluation Services

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About Dr. Jennifer Hope

Dr. Hope is a Brooklyn-based psychologist who is able to offer a wide variety of services. She can assist you or your child with psychological, psychoeducational and/or neuropsychological assessment of learning, cognitive, social/emotional and other developmental disorders; psychotherapy; consultation for parents and schools; and executive/study skills coaching for learners of all ages. Dr. Hope has worked extensively with both children and adults, and can help you understand and address issues such as AD/HD, learning disorders, behavioral disturbances, autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays, cognitive problems, and psychological difficulties such as depression and anxiety. Learn more about Dr. Hope